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Product Description
Lenovo lenovo a500
Lenovo lenovo a500
Item No.:  CH-LE0012


Cheap Mobile Phones, Buy Quality phones directly from China new styles cell phones Suppliers:

SIM Card Quantity:Single SIM Card
main lcd resolution:480 320 pixelsfuselage ram rom:512m
touch screen:capacitive touch screen
operation ram ram:256m
Time:2011 years
mobile phone cpu:650m
keyboard type:virtual looply keyboard
thickness:general ( greater than 1cm )
mobile phone case the postprandial:bundle six
Color:White, Red, Black

Product Details

The main features of
System standard GSM900/1800, WCDMA 2100
Standard Battery 1500mAh
Size is about 119 * 60 * 14mm
Weight approximately 133.2g (with standard battery)

Display function
Screen is 3.5 inches HVGA capacitive touch screen, three-point touch
Theme colors

Application functions
Whether to support GPS support
Whether to support JAVA does not support
Whether to support the e-book support
Whether to support the recording support

Hardware features
Whether to support the memory card support
The type of memory card MicroSD card
Maximum support 16G memory card
Whether to support long standby does not support
Whether to support dual card support

Entertainment features
Camera pixels 500W
Whether to support MP4 support
Whether to support FM support
Whether to support MP3 support







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