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Product Description
Huawei U8818 Ascend G300
Huawei U8818 Ascend G300
Item No.:  CH-HW0015

Vertical Flip Holster for Huawei U8818 (Ascend G300)

 High Quality Vertical Flip Holster for Huawei U8818 (Ascend G300)
2) Keep your cell phone safe and protected in style with this Leather accessory
3) Slip your cell phone in to add a splash of color and Anti-dust, Impact protective and tear-resistant
4) Constructed from smooth, treated Leather that resists dirt and stains
5) Provides easy access to all functions without removing the case
6) Easy to move
7) Size: perfectly fit for Huawei U8818 (Ascend G300)

OEM are Welcome! we can print customer's artwork and logo
Type of Packing: Plastic Bag

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