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Product Description
TC200 Hot GSM Mobile Phone Tracker Free Phone Tracking SOS Function for Kids and Elders
TC200 Hot GSM Mobile Phone Tracker Free Phone Tracking SOS Function for Kids and Elders
Item No.:  CH-SC0013
TC200 Hot! GSM Mobile Phone Tracker Free Phone Tracking SOS Function for Kids and Elders
Detailed Product Description

Two phone No. set. Speak function & Listen function.
Below is the user manual:
TC200 is designed to connect you with your cared ones, the company assume no liability or responsibility for any behaviors violate other individual's privacy.
There may be delays caused by telecom carrier at certain circumstance. Our company is exemption from liability to security of person and property.
Key 1 :  send SMS “HM1” via a mobile phone for setting emergency contact No.1 .
Key 2:  send SMS “HM2” via another mobile phone for setting emergency contact No.2 ..
TC-200 will reply a SMS : Received your Command
Call pick up
Press any key (except hang up key) to pick up an incoming call.
Call hang up
Press hang up key to hang up calling.
Make a call
For calling emergency contacts No.1 or No.2 , press speed dial key 1 or key 2..
SOS function
Press SOS key, the SOS mode will be triggered , TC200 will send SMS”HELP!” and call 2 emergency contacts by turn.
Quiet care function
When you want to know your children or elders without disturbing them, just send "JY" to TC200. After confirmation SMS received, you can call TC200 and the device will pick up incoming call automatically ,  the sound will be transmitted via TC200 smoothly.
Under this station, Send GDM1 start voice control,when sound around ,the product will call your mobile.Send GDM2 stop voice control.
Return to normal mode
send "MT”, the function will successfully back to ordinary conversation after received the confirmation message,
Low battery alert
When battery is less than 10%, TC200 will send a SMS of low battery warning to emergency -contact No.1.
Also you can send “GDM3” inquire electric quantity.
Pull out SIM card will loss all emergency contact information.
The new machines need to be recharged 2-3 hours before first use. Please use our distribute charger to protect TC200.
Standby time: 48-60 hours.
Talking time: 1-1.5 hours. :
Network (Two Select one)
Host 1
Charger 1
USB charging cable 1


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